Find the Value in Your Scraps

Find the Value in Your Scraps


October 19-20 2019

10 am- 4 pm

$30 Kit fee


Bring your scraps and prepare to have some fun! In this dynamic, in which Blair will guide students through how to use dark, medium, and light color value. It’s a fun way to rediscover all that fabric you have languishing on those shelves, and by the end of the class, you will be looking for even more scraps! Students will learn to make half square triangles and charm squares, then combine them to create a quilt design by “blindly” choosing from pre-sorted value piles. Blair covers “Patchwork 101” - efficient and safe rotary cutting, measuring, using a design wall, and general patchwork skills.

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Supply List

- Kit fee- $30 (Includes a Ruby RulerTM and a Complete Quilt Design Planner Pattern

Booklet) Supplies Needed:

● Scraps of lots of different print fabrics from your stash. It is better to bring a 1⁄2 yd or less of many than larger cuts of just a few. Think of this as the perfect chance to use prints in your stash that have been languishing there too long. Also think of it as a chance to use those prints you adore but don’t yet have the perfect project for (you can use a little bit of those in this project and still save the rest. I guarantee you will be delighted every time you see them in the finished quilt!)

● Neutral/coordinating thread for top thread and bobbin.

● A fresh needle in your machine

● Patchwork or 1⁄4 inch presser foot

● Rotary cutter, cutting mat, and cutting ruler

● Pencil

● Pens

● Supply kit needed for the class- $30 (see above)

Artist Biography

Blair designs modern quilts often using beloved, vintage, and cherished fabrics. Growing up in North Carolina, she learned the artistry of domestic handwork from her maternal grandmother, who did every type of needlework imaginable, except quilting. Her professional career as a textile and clothing designer and merchandiser solidified her love of beautifully made fabric and the power it had to tell stories through the colors, patterns and shapes of seasonal lines. When her first child was born, she turned her focus inward, towards creating a comfortable home and being a mom. But her creativity that was once nourished in her design work was suddenly missing. She found it again when she began cutting beautiful fabric up into little pieces and stitching them back together. Everything about quilts was exciting to her- the colors, patterns, and shapes she missed were all right there.

She currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington with her husband, teenage children, and a spoiled cat named Gracie who often reminds her to use fabrics in stacks before she can fall asleep on them. She teaches and lectures everywhere, as well as teaches online classes at her website. She can be found online at

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