"The Playful Color Quick Start" Lecture with Rebecca Bryan

"The Playful Color Quick Start" Lecture with Rebecca Bryan

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Lecture Title: “The Playful Color Quick Start: Modern Rainbow Trunk Show & Lecture ” 

Date/Time/Length:  Friday, April 17 6-7:30 pm


Can I tell you a secret? I might be known for my use of color, but did you know that I firmly believe you don’t have to learn about color theory. Not learn color theory... what?! Yes! It's true! Why learn about color theories and "sciency" stuff when you can invest your time and energy learning tools and tricks that allow you to easily work and play with color? By learning Playful Color strategies, not only will you start building your Playful Color Toolbox, but you'll actually end up learning about color theory in the end. Go figure! 

Apart from my "don't learn color theory" manifesto, in this lecture I'll be sharing a few of my favorite tools and strategies to quick start your Playful Color Toolbox. Oh, and there will be plenty of quilts to see!

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Artist Biography: 

Hey I'm Rebecca Bryan, of Bryan House Quilts. I love teaching people how to make quilts. My passion is helping quilters bring more color to their work by teaching my Playful Color tools and strategies. 

You may recognize my work from my books Modern Rainbow - 14 Imaginative Quilts that Play with Color (Stash Books, 2015) or Modern Triangle Quilts: 70 Graphic Triangle Blocks - 11 Bold Samplers (Stash Books, 2017). I've also been featured in numerous quilty magazines and TV Programs. I teach quilters, just like you, all over the world. 

And when I'm not quilting or teaching, I can be found enjoying a hot cup of coffee (Mocha's are my go to treat!) and a good book, with Bruce Wayne the Weiner Dog curled up on my lap. I also enjoy painting and spending time with my family, husband, and four children. 

If you're dying to know more here are 5 random things you might not know... We seem to move a lot, though it's never in the plan. Ha! I am a night owl. I wish I exercised more. My closet is hella messy but my sewing studio is hella organized. I'm a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl but I do love me some hair and make up - ya know, just to upgrade my casual style. 

I look forward to seeing you in class but if you can't wait until then, you start learning with me today by going to www.playfulcolor.com. 

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