Dye Lab

Ages 12 and up

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

10 am- 3pm

Who doesn’t love doing tie dye? This summer camp dye lab not only provides individuals with the chance to learn traditional and non-traditional dyeing methods. In this one day workshop, each student will walk away with at least 5 different types of dyed materials or clothing items. Some of these types include ice dyeing, traditional spiral tie dye, folded/tied dye, and more!

Cost is $60 per student.

Supply List

  • 5 white items or the equivalent (best if they are 100% cotton, the lower the cotton count the less likely the dye will adhere to the piece)

  • 1 Black item (Cotton preferred)

*Items can include yards of fabric (each 1-1.5 yard count as one item), pillowcases, shirts, pants/leggings, skirts, fabric bags, socks (3 pairs of socks count as one item!), and more.

Download Forms

If you have questions, contact the Education and Collections Manager at education@wiquiltmuseum.com.



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