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The Peaceful Art of Embroidery with Linda Sweek

  • Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts N50 W5050 Portland Rd. Cedarburg, WI 53012 United States (map)

A Cedarburg Spur Fiber Arts Trail Workshop!

“There is nothing more satisfying/relaxing/meditative than pulling a threaded needle through fabric.” -Susan Lenz, Fiber Artist

Embroidery is a charming overlay embellishment that can be a wonderful and peaceful experience. Similarly, the adult coloring book craze, while fun, is designed to give stressed-out grown-ups a mini-meditative experience. One of the most popular designs is the mandala and can be used as a tool to facilitate Mindfulness.

In this class we will discuss other mandala images and their historical art and meditative properties. Then you will embroider a hand-stamped mandala on fabric in a circular motion to create a lovely embroidered piece. Embroidery offer users a peaceful state of mind, where you can become so immersed in the stitching experienced that time and self are no longer disruptive. Last, the mandala embroidered fabric will be stitched together to form a sachet filled with lavender — a natural stress reliever.